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Tru Beauty Style Bender | Triple Barrel Waver BLACK/BLUE

Tru Beauty Style Bender | Triple Barrel Waver BLACK/BLUE

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Foldable, space saving design

Say hello the ultimate hair tool that creates a variety of curls and waves and then folds in half for easy storage or travel! With a quick push of a button, the barrels fold down onto the handle. Then just unfold it to start styling again.  ♥

o Adjustable temperature control
   Multiple temperature settings for versatile styling on all hair types and textures
o LED display
   Easy read temperature display 
o Space saving design
   Quickly folds down for storage and travel ease
o Tangle-free 360° swivel cord
   Cord swivel design to prevent getting tangled up while styling
o Auto-shut off
   Waver automatically shuts off after 1 hour without use
o Wire counter stand
Protects countertops from hot barrels