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The Benefits of Crystal Infused Water Bottles

To Be Crystal Clear…

To understand the latest trend in crystal healing we need to go back 6,000 years ago to a time when the Ancient Sumerians provided the first historical references on using crystals in every day life. These beliefs found their way into other ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Ancient China. It wasn’t long before people began wearing them on their bodies for health and spiritual benefits that they were believed to provide.

It is not a shock to see similar trends now in 2018. After all, we have seen similar beliefs and trends for thousands of years. These days the first place you will probably see trendy crystals is on Instagram. You might see the crystals dangling from beautiful necks and displayed around homes. What may be new to you is that crystals are now also showing up in water bottles. This new trend has taken that of past cultures and civilizations and merged it with our own culture that is constantly moving and on-the-go. One reason to drink water infused with gem stones is that that positive effects can be absorbed much more quickly as it is placed directly into the body. This allows an individual to reap the benefits anywhere they please whether at home, at work, or anywhere in between.

Gem Water and Crystal Healing

Gem water, as it is known by, can also be referred to as crystal healing, gem elixirs, crystal tonics, crystal waters and more. These crystals enhance the flow of positive energy while also eliminating any negative energy present. Gem water has many other benefits associated with it including alleviating pain, improved skin conditions, preventing allergies, improved confidence, and higher levels of concentration and awareness.

When it comes to individual crystals each crystal provides its own unique benefit. For example, Amethyst, is known to provide the user greater clarity. Carnelian crystals, on the other hand, are used to spark creativity and help in female reproduction. Clear quartz and rose quartz increase energy and attract love respectively. So, depending on what energy you are most in need of, there is more than likely a crystal just right for you!

Water Bottle Options

When it comes hopping on the crystal water bandwagon there are a few ways to do so. Some people choose to take the DIY approach and place their own crystals directly into their regular water bottle. This is not always recommended as some stones can be toxic as well as accumulate bacteria.

Lifestyle Products has made it easier than every to reap the crystal benefits for yourself in a way that you are most comfortable with. They offer two different options for anyone who is a novice in crystal healing to even the most avid crystal users. The crystal dome water bottle is perfect for those who do not want the crystal to be in contact with their water. While the crystals do not directly affect the water, they can indirectly affect it through the energy they emit.

For those who want even greater contact between the crystal and their water, there is also an open stone option that will allow for even more direct benefits. No matter which you choose, both are great options to begin your crystal healing journey. 


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