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Professional Trends, Tools & Tips for the Best Daily Makeup Routine

When it comes to makeup application, we often get wrapped into the same daily routine with the same tools, tips, and makeup. With so many varieties of the “perfect” makeup applicators, we never really know exactly where to turn. Finding the perfect balance doesn’t have to be hard, you can have glowing professional makeup right in your own home. How is it possible? With a few different tools and tips on how to use them, you can do it too!

Oval Makeup Brushes

Oval makeup brushes have been on the rise recently with a variety of different shapes and styles. The unique shape and design of the brush and bristles are specifically designed for self-makeup application whereas other brushes with a straight handle are designed for artists applying makeup to another person. Synthetic hair bristles allow the brush to stay smooth and soft while applying makeup seamlessly.

The larger oval brushes may seem too large and uncomfortable to fit in your hand but in reality, it is the perfect fit. With most regular makeup brushes, you only use with two or three fingers which doesn’t actually allow you to have full control of your makeup application. The unique handle shape allows your full hand to be involved allowing for precise and even application.

Why are there so many brushes in some of the sets you find? Some sets have up to 10 different brushes allowing each brush to be used for a different area of the face. Some brushes can be used for eye makeup, others for foundation, and others for highlighting and contouring. These brush sets can give you endless options in makeup application.

Want to try them out for yourself? Our favorites can be found here:

10 Piece Set

5 Piece Contouring Set

4 Piece Perfecting Set

3 Piece Highlighting Set

Beauty Blenders

You’ve probably already seen the traditional sponge makeup/beauty blenders. These sponges have worked great to blend makeup to give flawless looks. After using these blenders, have you looked at it and realized how much makeup is found on the blender after blending or applying foundation? Sponge blenders actually soak up a lot of your foundation and other makeup, wasting some of your product. What’s the best alternative? Silicone Blenders.

These blenders are a simple piece of silicone that can give you the same results as beauty blending sponges, but they don’t soak up your makeup. Because silicone can’t “soak” anything up like sponges do, all of your makeup is left on your face or on the surface of the blender for you to keep using. Silicone blenders are much easier to keep clean than traditional blenders, this allows you to clean your blender more easily to prevent breakouts.

Like traditional blenders, silicone beauty blenders can be used with a wide variety of products. Many users have stated that these silicone blenders can take a small amount of product and make it last much longer.

See our favorite silicone blenders here.

Makeup Remover Towels

Like many women, you may use makeup remover towels that come in a plastic package with multiple one use towelettes. These towelette’s may work great, but the cost of using them does add up when using them every day. Reusable towels are a great way to easily take off any makeup and the best part is that you can throw them in the washer and use them again and again.

It is recommended to use a makeup remover solution with reusable makeup remover towels to more easily remove makeup. There are a wide variety of makeup removers out there that last a long time even with regular everyday use. These towels tend to be much softer than the one use towelettes and only get softer as they are washed.

Reusable towels are perfect to take on any vacation without having to pack a few packages of throw away towelettes. Every inch both front and back can be used to remove makeup which allows you to use one for a few days before changing to a new towel.

We love the fun patterns of these reusable towels, you can find them right here.

It’s always fun trying out new beauty trends and finding the trends that work best for you. If you try out the ideas above, let us know what you think!


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