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Revive Scalp Health Travel Kit | Charcoal + Lavender + Rosemary

Revive Scalp Health Travel Kit | Charcoal + Lavender + Rosemary

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Scalp Massager / 2oz Shampoo / 0.27oz Conditioner / 1.0oz Intensive Treatment

Why does hair care get all the love? Its time to spotlight those scalps! Happy scalp, happy hair. It's that simple. You can't grow a garden with bad soil right? The same thing applies to our scalps. We need a healthy, clean and balanced scalp as our foundation for healthy hair. This set will make it easy to deep clean and strengthen your scalp to help promote hair growth and thickness while also combatting itchy dandruff.

Use to massage each product into scalp in small, circular motions. Rinse between each product. Can also be used on dry hair for a relaxing scalp massage as needed.

Perfect for daily cleansing to control clogging oils. Preps scalp for treatment step. Apply to wet scalp and hair. Rinse clean. Use daily.

Hydrates & soothes irritation to help prevent flaking. Apply throughout hair concentrating on ends. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes.

Delivers a deep cleanse to scalp while stimulating follicles | Massage onto wet scalp with fingertips, parting and sectioning hair as you go. Rinse clean. Use 1x a week. Tip: Flip head over for closer, more direct access to scalp when applying.