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Over 90,000 Makeup Brushes Donated to Help Women in Need

Here at Tru Beauty, we want every woman to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered in her own skin. Recently, over 90,000 Tru Beauty makeup brushes were donated to Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse (CAPSA). We are committed to help and support women in escaping domestic violence situations.

This donation is done as a commitment to help CAPSA increase their impact on communities by providing more educational courses to those in need of the services. These makeup brushes will allow women to receive a fresh start on their education and careers by giving them more information about online marketplaces. Along with this, many women will benefit from these makeup brushes by having the confidence they need in their own skin to go and reach their dreams.

Helping women achieve all they can while being assisted in shelters and other similar settings is something that we strive to do. We believe this is one way to continuously help those looking for a new start.

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